Shipping Fee Increase - 24 Aug 2021

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Dear Customers,

Our humble business has not been immune to current ongoing inflationary pressures especially in the area of cost of shipping. 

Being a new and small business, we encourage shoppers by subsidising shipping fees. Our previous practice was to standardised shipping fees to 15 USD or FREE shipping for 80$ and above to make it easy for you to make a quick decision. It was also an important exercise for us to gain trust in the market by successfully fulfilling and eventually gaining repeat customers.

Unfortunately recent increases in shipping fee has rendered this model unsustainable for us.

In the previous model where shipping fees to Japan was approximately RM 90 (23 USD). In theory, if the product mix has some flagship teas in the appropriate quantities, we should be able to recoup this lost and make a modest profit. However if the product mix/ quantity don't favour us, it will be a net loss per transaction. 

In some cases where we have to ship approximately 1kg tea to Japan, we will be charged RM150 (35 USD). Which means we will incur a shipping lost of 25USD for every order we send to Japan. 

A second quick example would be shipping from Kuala Lumpur to San Jose. 

In 2019 our shipping cost for 1.5kg to San Jose was RM 125(30USD). In 2021 the price has increased to 42 USD.

Therefore it is with heavy heart we have to update our shipping fee. We will eliminate free shipping for 80USD above and set International shipping** to 30USD. 

** For international shipping we try to use reputable logistics firm like TNT Express (Fedex subsidary), Aramex, FedEx and DHL. This list is not exhaustive but we have learnt from experience choosing the right logistical partner is an important aspect on the customer experience.

The rest of the zones will be updated in our shipping policy page.


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