Fermented Pu Erh

Also known as fermented tea.

Traditionally it can take years or even decades for a tea to achieve full bodied fermentation but this wasn't an issue due to long transportation time. 

The fermentation of modern Pu Er Tea is performed through the pile fermentation method. This technique accelerates the fermentation process by encouraging microbial activity by; 

  • Piling: pile the leaves to heights around 50cm to 100cm.
  • Dampening: Spraying a layer of moist on the pile and cover them with a linen cloth. This encourages microbes to grow to begin the fermentation process.
  • Turning: Leaves are turned semi regularly to encourage even fermentation.

The temperature and humidity levels are the main consideration of this process. The Caravan Tea takes great care in making sure all fermented tea are have a stable taste profile post fermentation. This is why Malaysia is chosen for our company base due to its stable tropical climate.

Fermented tea has an earthier flavour. Leaves turned into reddish brown as pictured above.

Discarding the first preparation with boiling water is necessary to kill off any remaining microbes.