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2011 Gong Ting/ Imperial Palace Ripe Pu Erh

2011 Gong Ting/ Imperial Palace Ripe Pu Erh

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"A delicious Pu Erh with a very welcoming plum note!"

 Gong Ting

Loosely translated Imperial Palace.

It is made from young buds and is considered as the highest quality of shou pu erh. Qualities that supposedly help it reach the menus of the imperial court.


Gong Ting is the highest obtainable grade of shou pu erh. After harvesting, the teas are wet piled and are further categorised by fine leaves, big leaves, stems and etc.

The higher grades of ripe pu-erh tea contain more buds, while the lower grades have more leaves in bigger sizes.

*Please understand that 'grading' is primarily driven by the appearance of the raw materials. It has nothing to do with the quality of the brew. 


It has a very potent cha qi, with a thick tea soup, dark chocolate notes and hints of sweetness.

The beautifully layered liquored offers a very fruity cream that is silky smooth with mellow hints of liquorice.

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