Flavour Of the Deep Mountain 2015 - Bulang Gushu

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Claus-Peter Niemann
The AMBASSADOR / Bulang Gushu - Deep Mountain 2015

This is my first Bulang Gushu ever. Smell and taste are very rich, flowery, fruity, comforting, good mouthfeel with a long clear mineral aftertaste. I love this taste from the old tea trees. My teaheads will be very happy!


I love how the tea taste is so light and smooth. With great aroma, gives me great energy while im getting my work done!

Our unique flagship Pu Erh Tea for 2019

Bulang Shan- Gushu

Harvested from proud ancient arbor trees grown undisturbed in the deep mountain valleys of Bu Lan Shan, Yunnan. Its flavour evolves with every infusion.

If a mountain were to have a flavour, this single origin tea would be its ambassador.

The flavour will run to the depths of your throat, giving you a mellow character followed by a tease of mother earth's sweet nectar. The ancient plant has it roots deep into the mountain giving your a deep mineral feel.

Experience nature yourself with this purchase. 

Purchases currently comes in 250g and 357g. Stock extremely limited due to sustainable harvesting to preserve the health of the ancient arbor trees. Highly suitable for ageing.