Lao Man E Sheng Spring 2017

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This tea is entirely sourced from Lao Man E village. It is of the Da Ye Zhong (big leaf varietal) cultivar.

The village lies in the Bulang mountain range 

which is around 60km south from Menghai.

We have heard people describe this tea to have aggressive bitterness. Keep it going and Lao Man E gives you a paradigm shift that will catch even the most experienced tea drinkers off guard. 

The bitterness becomes manageable and air-chilled sweetness starts to activate under your tongue leaving your mouth filled with cha qi. This may feel like an overpowering tea, but we assure you it doesn't feel that way. 

With each successive steep, Lao Man E exhibits fleeting notes of floral and citrus. Imagine lemony zest but smoother.

When drinking Lao Man E, our body felt increasingly warm and gradually began to tingle. Perhaps a great drink during cold days.

Finally it should give you a beautiful hui gan feeling.

Aged Lao Man E has been a classic hit for many. It reins in the bitterness and introduces complexities young Lao Man E may not exhibit.