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Snow Mountain Loose Green (Raw) Pu Erh Tea Spring 2020

Snow Mountain Loose Green (Raw) Pu Erh Tea Spring 2020

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This tea comes from old-growth trees on Big Snow Mountain (Da Xue Shan, 大雪山) in Lincang, Yunnan. Big Snow Mountain a high altitude area that's home to many tea gardens.


This area belongs to the foothills of the Himalaya Mountains, the highest peak locally being 3504 meters. The tea grown in this area ranged from 1900 to 2750 meters in elevation.


The picking shows an entire stem of one bud with one or two tender leaves. The size of the buds is indicative of the mature tree and the rich infusion they offer. Even the fragrance of these whole dry leaves is aromatic. Their flavor is sweet, delicate with a hint of mineral. It plays around a balance of bitter, sweet and astringency wonderfully that would leave anyone in awe with its deep and expansive flavours.


The tea is handpicked and processed in the Spring of 2020. The teas are suitable for aging.



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