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The Caravan Tea - Tea Fossil Shou Pu Erh

The Caravan Tea - Tea Fossil Shou Pu Erh

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Name Background

We are not sure how these names originated, but perhaps below are some theories.

Tea Fossil

Possibly because Pu Erh tea comes from ancient trees therefore a fossil. But it could also look like fossilised rocks from ancient times.

Broken Silver

The tea are named after how it looks like ancient silver coins from old Chinese Dynasties. 

Production Backgroud

This tea is infused with Nuo Mi Xiang leaves. This is a traditional herb that is very popular in Yunnan and South East Asia. Chinese name of this herb literally means “sticky rice fragrance”.

The use of Nou Mi Xiang leaves in Pu-erh production is not new. You can find many tuochas marketed as Glutinous Rice Pu-erh. The ratio mix is usually 10:1 Nuo Mi Xiang leaves to Pu Er.

The Caravan Tea - Broken Silver Shou Pu Erh

This tea has been in trend in China for a while now. In Menghai, new dedicated production has risen to meet the demands of the market.

We were always interested in this product, but never have found the right partner. We struck gold (or silver in this case) when we found a partner in Menghai who runs an immaculately clean production that treats its workers well. They recently only started production in October 2019. We spent days tasting batches after batches of production and we were very impressed! 


Our tea does not have any Nuo Mi Xiang. Instead we steam infused for a few hours in a special purpose built steamer.

The steamed leaves are then compressed through a food grade die. The long strands of compressed tea leaves are then dried for 1-2 weeks depending on the season. 

When its dried, the long strand of compressed tea becomes brittle and breaks into its current size.

Tea Leaves: Bulang Shou Cha sourced by us
Herbal Leave: Nuo Mi Xiang sourced by our partner

We personally thought it tasted like
1) Infusion of Honey and Shou Pu-erh
2) Red Bean Dessert with Lotus notes
3) Sweet Glutinous Rice 

How to Steep?

7grams of of Broken Silver to last 8 plus steeping for 3-4 person

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