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Moonlight White Tea - 2010

Moonlight White Tea - 2010

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A mildy fermented tea. This is one of the best beginner Pu Erh Tea 

Jingmai Laushu (Old Tree)


The leaves are steamed to deactivate oxidation, and then dried under the shade instead of sun which is common for other teas. This practice possibly has contributed to its name or legend that it is dried under the moonlight (absence of sun).  White tea therefore retains the high concentrations of catechins* which are present in fresh tea leaves. 

The key feature of this tea is its lack of astringency which makes it great for young or inexperienced drinkers.


Tea has a very warm sweet taste with low key sugar cane hint coupled with grapefruit.

This is a full bodied, smooth and aromatic tea. After several infusion a strong sweetness may linger in your mouth.

This is a must have experience for anyone in a tea journey. Suitable for ageing but best to drink as you wish.

*Please refer to the link below to learn more about Catechin

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